POWTECH 2016: Innovative Measurement Technology Towards “Process Technology 4.0”

POWTECH 2016: Innovative measurement technology paves the way to “Process Technology 4.0”

At POWTECH 2016 from 19 to 21 April in Nuremberg, trade visitors can experience first-hand an entire range of mechanical processes – together with all the technologies that support and make the processing operations more efficient, including in particular measurement technology and analytics.

The analysis of powders, granules, bulk solids, and fluids not only helps to ensure quality and optimise the end product. At POWTECH 2016, experts in bulk solids and powders can learn how they can also achieve more efficient production and reduce their energy costs based on strong real-time measurement results and innovative field devices.


In modern production environments, measurement technology is involved in the entire process chain, from initial development to the field level in the plant to shipping to ensure traceability. The nature of each individual particle – along with its shape, size, and surface tension – has an impact on the finished end product. Particle and process parameters, for example, influence the consistency of creams in cosmetics or the flow behaviour of ketchup. They are also an important factor when it comes to the correct distribution of active ingredients in tablets or, in the cement industry, they significantly influence the quality and use of the material.

Analytical methods for all industries

Particle and process measurement technology is an integral part of the range of products at POWTECH. After all, one must know about the particle properties and process parameters in order to specifically influence them and achieve the desired results.

At the trade fair, manufacturers will find numerous analytical methods for a wide variety of bulk solids, from pressure measurement technology to equipment for measuring temperature or moisture. The range of particle analysis technology extends from simple laboratory sifting equipment to the sizing of coarse granules to laser diffraction systems and systems that are based on dynamic light scattering and precisely output particle sizes in the micro- and nanometre range. There is a growing demand for optical methods for determining the particle shape to optimise the consistency and flow behaviour of a product.

On the path to “Process Technology 4.0

Measurement and analysis technology provides precisely the kind of data that is driving the fourth industrial revolution and making it possible in the first place. Reliable figures and analyses, frequently supplied in real-time, provide a solid foundation for automation using man-machine communication and for in-depth analyses of big data. In this way, manufacturers are finding new approaches for product optimisation and for greater process efficiency.

At POWTECH, process industry experts can obtain many suggestions and useful practical tips regarding the integration of particle analysis technology and of process measurement systems in Process Technology 4.0. In addition to numerous product presentations in the three expert forums, more than 250 of the roughly 900 exhibitors in total at the trade fair will present solutions, concepts, and innovations relating to analytics and measurement technology.

The latest regarding particle technology

Held concurrently at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, PARTEC is the International Congress on Particle Technology. At this congress, leading engineers and scientists meet to share information on the latest developments regarding processes for particle formation, agglomeration, and coating as well as measurement methods and diverse industrial applications for particles.


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