BossTek introduces 5-year/5000-hour Parts Warranty for its Line of Atomized Mist Cannons

Peoria (IL), United States BossTek, a pioneer in atomized mist technology for dust suppression has announced an industry-leading upgrade to the company’s product warranty.  Having previously set the industry standard with 3 year/3000-hour coverage, the company has increased the term to a 5 year or 5000-hour replacement warranty on the direct drive fan motor of its entire product lineup. 

The industrial fan and misting ring work in tandem to offer wide area coverage.

For over a decade, BossTek® (formerly Dust Control Technology) has built the DustBoss® line of atomized mist cannons, widely considered the most reliable equipment of its type on the market.  Many of the early units sold by the company are still in service, delivering excellent surface and airborne particle control.  As industrial dust emissions become more heavily regulated, the improved warranty offers customers peace of mind and reflects BossTek’s commitment to superior durability and return on investment from its products.

As operations and winds change, the cannons can be easily relocated and readjusted.

“When we follow up with past customers, more often than not, instead of replacing their DustBoss, they’re adding to their fleet as they expand,” said BossTek CEO Edwin Peterson.  “With so many of our oldest units still in the field cranking out wide area dust suppression, extending the warranty was an easy decision.  Our product quality hasn’t changed from day one.”

Tower mounted DustBoss units offer extended coverage for fixed storage and transfer areas.

The demand for atomized mist dust suppression technology has increased since air quality inspectors now test for smaller, non-visible fugitive particle sizes (<10 microns in diameter or roughly the size of pollen).  These particulates can leave the site line and expose the surrounding community to potentially hazardous respiratory issues.  Previously, industries like demolition contractors, bulk product storage (coal, ash, scrap metal, etc.) and ports have controlled dust by applying surface suppression using water

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