BinMaster: Vibrating Sensors measure Levels in hazardous Locations

Lincoln (NE), United States – Operations processing powders, fine-grained, or coarse-grained bulk solids can add the BinMaster VR-90 vibrating rod or VF-95 vibrating fork to their arsenal of point level sensors for hazardous locations. The VR-90 and VF-95 are approved to ATEX, FM, CSA, and IEC standards for use in hazardous locations. Both the vibrating rod and fork are available with either an electropolished or precision-casted stainless-steel housing suitable for food or chemical processing environments.

The BinMaster VR-90 vibrating rod features a round, stainless-steel rod appropriate for granular or coarse-grained bulk solids.

Alternatively, plastic or aluminum housings are available for unclassified environments. Output options include a DPDT relay output, a contactless electronic switch, a transistor output, and a two-wire version. The VR-90 vibrating rod features a round, stainless-steel rod appropriate for granular or coarse-grained bulk solids. It is also used for detection of sediment settled in a liquid. It works in applications with strong external vibration and is a good fit for bins where the material changes often.

The fork is best suited for free-flowing granules and small-sized particles. It is often used in materials with a low bulk density that cannot be detected by a capacitance probe. The rugged stainless-steel fork resists bending and buildup and functions optimally in dry materials that won’t cling to the fork.

These devices are simple to set up in an empty vessel where there is no material present. They don’t require any calibration and a product-independent switching point ensures they work when the material in the bin is changed out. Once installed, the stainless-steel rod or fork resists buildup and requires only occasional cleaning and inspection keeping maintenance to a minimum.

About BinMaster

BinMaster got its start in the early 1960s when a local seed company asked Garner Industries to fabricate a switch to alert when bins were full. Today, BinMaster is a privately held, independent US manufacturer of point and continuous level indicators and inventory management systems used for monitoring bulk solids or liquids in bins, tanks, silos and hoppers. More than just level sensors, the company offers complete solutions using wireless devices and web applications to send data to a control room, console, smartphone, tablet, or PC. Robust, custom systems can be developed for a single site or networked across a multi-national operation. BinMaster is certified to ISO 9001 quality management systems—requirements. For more information about BinMaster:

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