Berthold Technologies: Bulk Flow Transmitter DuoSeries LB 472

The LB 472 bulk flow system by Berthold Technologies is used for the precise determination of flowrate in the bulk industry and can be perfor­med on all kinds of conveyor systems. The non-contacting, non-intrusive radiometric belt weigher is characterized by an excellent accuracy and reliability. The DuoSeries Transmitter LB 472 is very robust with no moving parts and maintenance is not required.

The non-contacting belt scale LB 472 can be installed directly after bunkers, chute outlets or transfer systems. The belt scale LB 472 provides measuring results on the current flowrate and the totally produced mass

Intuitive operation
The DuoSeries Transmitter LB 472 provides a local display of measurement values as well as on-site operation via the integrated touch panel. Valuable dia­gnostic functions and self-monitoring ensure increased reliability and availability of the measurement. Users also benefit from new ser­vice features (e.g. data log), which can be accessed remotely, via Ethernet or USB interface. The menusare available in all common languages.

On request, we supply the components together with a special mounting frame for installation of the detector and shield. The robust steel fra­me is optimized in terms of radiation protection and stability and ensures a reliable measure­ment. By applying the optimal arrangement for different options of sources and detectors we find the best solution for our customers.


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