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More than 2300 articles from the international journal “bulk solids handling” are now available as free downloads for registered users of the bulk-online Forum. The content covers all aspects of bulk materials transport, storage, handling and processing and ranges from case studies and well-founded technical articles to high-quality scientific papers.

For the 37 years of its existence, the international journal “bulk solids handling” was one of the leading, if not the leading sources of technical information in the field of bulk solids handling and processing. Unfortunately, the publication of “bulk solids handling” had to be discontinued at the end of 2017.

Between 1981 and 2017, more than 2300 articles were published in “bulk solids handling”, covering the entire range from case studies to development and calculation methods to scientific articles. Even if some of the information, especially from the first years of publication, can be regarded as outdated due to the advancing technical development, there are, in our opinion, good reasons not to let them disappear into oblivion.

We are therefore very pleased that bulk-online has been granted the right to make the contents of “bulk solids handling” available to you free of charge, with the sole condition that you have registered on our website and logged in before downloading the articles. If you have not yet registered with us, you can do so by clicking on the following link:

Content and Structure of the bulk solids handling Archive

The “bulk solids handling” archive contains only the respective articles of the individual issues as separate PDF files, but not entire issues. In order to simplify the access to the articles, we have placed the archive in the forum, as this not only allows a simple and structured filing, but also a direct separate discussion for each individual article.
There are currently three ways to access the individual articles:

1) By simply browsing through the respective volumes and editions. You can find a list of all volumes here! A click on the link of a volume leads you to a list of the individual issues of that volume. Another click on an issue will take you to a list of all articles published in that issue. However, since only a maximum of 20 articles can be displayed in a list at any one time, this list is distributed over several pages for issues with more than 20 articles. To improve the overview, each article list starts with a table of contents.

2) Via the author index, which can be accessed via this link. Due to the large number of different authors, a separate group has been created for each letter of the alphabet, to which the authors are assigned according to the initial letters of their surnames. Articles where no author was specified were grouped together in a separate list at the beginning of the author index.

3) Via the article index, which can be accessed via this link. This index is simply based on the titles of the respective articles, which – as with the author index – have been grouped according to the first letter of the title.

About PDF-files – Properties and Searchability

For this archive, completely digital versions of the editions were unfortunately only available from 2005 onwards. For issues from the years before 2005, these were divided into individual pages, scanned and post-processed with text recognition software. Therefore the individual articles – with few exceptions – are fully searchable, and it is also possible to copy and cut text from the files. Exceptions can be found in certain articles from 2012 and 2013, where the source files prevent copying due to a protection mechanism that unfortunately could not be lifted.

Completeness of the Archive

This archive does not contain the entire content of the issues, but only the main articles, technical reports and – in some cases – longer product introductions where the content justifies their inclusion. However, it cannot be ruled out that some of the articles that were supposed to be part of the archive were overlooked during the selection process. If you notice a missing article, just write a short message to and we will try to fix it.

The following 6 articles have unfortunately been lost during redigitization:

Harrison, J.W.: Coal Sampling System and Quality Control, bulk solids handling Vol. 7 (1987) No. 2, pp. 277-289
Nachtigal, C.L.: New Developments in Conveyor Belt Weighing and Totalizing, bulk solids handling Vol. 7 (1987) No. 2, pp. 291-285
McLean, A.G.: A Closer Examination of the Variation of Wall Friction Angle With Major Consolidation Stress, bulk solids handling Vol. 8 (1988) No. 4, pp. 386-???
Blight, G.E.: Strains Measured in a 7,500 t Sugar Silo Part II, bulk solids handling Vol. 8 (1988) No. 4, pp. 3???-???
Harrison, A.: Stress Distribution in Steel Cord Belts with Cord Plane Defects and Inlaid Repairs, bulk solids handling Vol. 8 (1988) No. 4, pp. ???-???
Gateley, J.: Monofilament Sustained Belt Conveying, bulk solids handling Vol. 8 (1988) No. 4, pp. ???-???

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