Ajax Equipment: Mixers for Frozen Potato Production at Agristo

Ajax Equipment: Mixers for Frozen Potato Production at Agristo

Bolton, United Kingdom – Solids handling specialist, Ajax Equipment, has supplied leading European pre-fried and frozen potato product producer, Agristo, with two continuous mixers featuring an enhanced mirror polish finish. The stainless steel Ajax machines will be used to mix grated potato with various additives including flavourings to produce a range of potato products.

Ajax mixers for production of potato products at Agristo.
Ajax mixers for production of potato products at Agristo.

The 4 meter long twin screw mixers include profiled covers as part of a design ensuring there are no areas of the machines that are awkward to clean. The casing’s hygienic, crack and crevice free finish ensure the continuous mixers meet the strict hygiene standards for food manufacture. The mixers also feature Ajax’s paddle screw geometry which provides efficient though gentle mixing with negligible damage to ingredients.

“Our Ajax continuous mixers work extremely well, performing their job perfectly,” said Dieter Raes, technical director, Agristo. “We have worked with Ajax on several machines and would highly recommend them to other food producers.”

Commenting Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment said, “Ajax has worked with Agristo over a number of years to refine its mixers to suit local site needs and enhance the production of Agristo’s potato products.”

On the mixers’ development Eddie continued, “Initially Agristo used one of Ajax’s hire machines to test various product combinations and handling requirements. The resulting feedback allowed Ajax to scale up the mixer’s design, producing a stainless steel continuous twin paddle mixer with a specially profiled casing for the most effective operation. The latest two mixers continue this progression; using Agristo’s experience with the existing machine and Ajax’s handling expertise to enhance mixing performance.”

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