Recently uploaded Videos on the Powder/Bulk Portal (September 21, 2016)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear Forum Participants,
dear Bulkoholics,

We have recently uploaded these Videos

Lawrence Industries: TIVAR 88 Improves Flowability

Hebei Fenjin Mining: Conveyor Roller Full Automatic Production Process

Concetti Group: How to fill animal feed bags and FIBCs with a single line?


Macmet India Limited Overland Pipe Conveyors

Gericke Holding: General Technology for Powder Handling Systems

RULMECA Group: New Cellular Manufacturing Plant for Conveyor Rollers

EDEM Simulation of Dump Truck Unloading Material into Hopper

Tinsley Company: Vibrating Conveyor – large pan & trough design

I hope that some of these Videos will be of interest to you.

Should you want to present your Videos on our Powder/Bulk Portal, please send me a note and I will forward details of participation.

Please share some of these Links with your friends and colleagues.

Thank you!

Reinhard Wöhlbier






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