How to Get This Woman Interested in DSI Snake Sandwich Belt Conveyors

I am happy to submit a guest blog for Joe Dos Santos. This is to lighten things up from the technical stuff engineers like so well and frankly…I just don’t understand. Until now!

Spending most of my college life in public relations and marketing classes, engineers and engineering seemed a world away…even though I could walk to the engineering building on my campus in under five minutes. That’s actually strolling. Still, the dynamics of what they did, the math, the figures, the equations! It was way over my head. After all, it was all I could do to get through my remedial math courses much less pursue a higher level of math. Now don’t think I didn’t feel the pressure. My father, a Cornell graduate said he learned to love the thing that really challenged him. Yep….math! And of course, we can’t forget my brother the MIT graduate. Of course I felt the pressure. After all…they are both…you guessed it, Engineers!!!

Well after being with our family company, Dos Santos International, in a full time, official capacity for a year now, I’m going to let my dad and brother in on a little secret. I’m intrigued! I’ve finally found my niche in engineering! I can make it simple…one word! No need for equations or protractors! DIAMONDS!!! That’s right. Diamonds…you know the phrase…a girl’s best friend. Well this girl has finally found a lot of interest in the math behind this sparkling, much sought after wonder! See, it turns out, it takes engineering (math and science…UGH!) to get these dazzling beauties to a jeweler near you. I’m proud to say, that Dos Santos International is responsible for helping to bring these gems to the surface and through the separation process. See, we just completed two projects in Canada. These mines, along with others in the planning process, may soon propel Canada to the number one position in diamond production.

Now not only did that catch my eye because of what is being unearthed, but also because of the high-tech DSI Snake Sandwich Belt Conveyor…wait make that two DSI Snakes. Snap Lake incorporates two, each elevating at the building’s opposite ends… but there’s more. This project, from the beginning, was intended to be environmentally friendly as well. The area where these diamonds are being mined is frozen solid throughout much of the year. I mean the conditions are pretty harsh. Because of this, the project would have to be under cover. No, not secretive but enclosed and heated so people aren’t freezing to death. Sure I’d stand out in freezing temperatures for just a chip of that gorgeous rock, but there are others to consider. Still, they had to make sure they could contain this whole project in a small space (by brandon). That’s where our Snake Conveyors came in. Because of our high angle capability and our system’s gentle yet firm hugging of the kimberlite (diamond ore) in the sandwich between the belts, we are able to bring these beauties up safely without using too much of Canada’s precious land. Because of our Snakes, the process building’s foot print is small, minimizing the environmental impact and reducing both capital and operating costs, especially the cost of heating. The project maintains the land around it without disturbing much of Mother Nature, while at the same time, unearthing one of nature’s most beautiful treasures. Conveyors…well they’re not the most beautiful sight to me but let’s face it. Diamonds look good on everyone…or anything!

For those of you, who enjoy the math and understand the equations, please visit for the logistics of these systems. We have a detailed list of our installations. For the rest of you, just remember DSI Snake Sandwich Belt Conveyors. They are now this girl’s best friend.

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  1. Two DSI Snake Sandwich Belt Conveyors, hold the mustard and without the cheese to go please.

    Great post Amy! I knew nothing about mining diamonds until reading your very interesting and informative post concerning mining operation in Canada,

    Gee, I didn’t even know Canada even had diamonds like in Africa with the DeBeers operation.

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