Meet our “bulk-online Leader”: STAG AG

Bulk material technology
Pneumatic and mechanical conveying technology
Storage technology.

Complete systems ( ash handling, cement handling, animal meal handling, sewage – sludge handling, etc.) and components ( pressure conveying vessels with controller, jet conveyor, chain conveyor, lump breaker, impactor mill etc.) in part of pneumatic and mechanical bulk material handling systems and silo storage technology.

Own Test Center with test plant, laboratory, training facility for investigations with different bulk materials and large scale plant dimensioning and layout, checking out components and new developments, demonstrations, training courses and seminars.

Rail-Wagon Service-Center

STAG – our core skills are in the storing, conveying and metering of bulk materials.

Technical research centre

Bulk materials analyses in our own laboratory
We analyse the grain-size distribution, conduct Jenike shear tests, identify air retention capabilities, measure settling velocities and determine long-term compacting rates. Using an “up-scaling model” we extrapolate such data to each and every system size.



Functionality tests before delivery
We can demonstrate all the functionalities under real-life conditions in our technical research centre.

Comprehensive Service

Our services include systems maintenance and optimisation and also in-depth analyses of bulk materials, process engineering tests in our own technical research centre, the installation and commissioning of systems, inspections, revisions, spare part supply (most of them in stock) as well as technical training sessions and seminars for our customers.



Services for silo wagons and bulk transporters
We are able to offer our customers optimum service through our own service stations.

Spare parts supply services
Thanks to our spare parts warehousing, a large selection of third-party products used in our systems is available at any time.

Engineering, projectmanagement and systems engineering and construction – from an initial idea to a turnkey installation



Our consultation activities include:
• Invitations to tender, submissions, evaluation of bids and contract management
• Exercising powers of attorney for clients
• ATEX explosion protection concepts
• Cost-benefit analyses, investment appraisals
• Systems engineering and construction, general mechanical engineering solutions
• Project management, construction-site management, construction supervision
• Quality, cost and progress control
• Risk analyses


Focusing on a few selected industries, the application examples show the diversity of environments in which our products are used.

Cement, lime and gypsum industries
including also the areas of alternative energies and manufacturing process applications.

Practical applications
• Wagon unloading systems
• Metering systems
• Mechanical and pneumatic conveyor systems
• Transhipment and silo systems







Applications for the following products:
• Ash from combustion systems
• Bypass kiln dust
• Lignite
• Iron (II) sulphate, tin sulphate
• Foundry sand and granulated cinders
• Gypsum
• Limestone dust, lump lime, lime, hydrated lime and other lime products
• Microsilica
• Raw meal
• Sawdust
• Cement products

Construction materials industry
Handling of construction materials, and, another specialist application, the bottom filling of storage silos for the production of mixed plaster – free of any segregation. Our special dense phase conveying technology, combined with counterflow bottom filling.

Applications for the following products:
• Screed and flowing screeds
• Dry mortar and mixed plasters
• Adhesives

Energy and power generation industry
Removal of ash from boiler and filter systems. They range from elaborate transportation and treatment systems to silos for intermediate storage and loading facilities for bulk transporters (containers or big bags).

The handling of flue gas cleaning additives is another field of application. These systems include all elements of bulk materials handling from delivery, storage, distribution, and metering to their injection into the flue gas treatment process.

Applications for the following products:
• Ash from waste-to-energy power plants (boilers and flue gas treatment)
• Ash from coal-fired power stations ( electrostatic filters )
• Ash from sewage sludge incinerator installations (boilers and flue gas treatment)
• Ash from the combustion of bark, paper sludge and wood ( boilers and flue gas treatment )
• Activated charcoal
• Lignite coke
• Bicarbonate
• Hydrated lime
• Mixtures of hydrated lime and coal
• Soda ashes

Biomass and other alternative fuels
These solutions usually include hopper systems with innovative discharge technologies that allow for optimum storage and metered feeding of the fuels into the actual power plant systems.

Practical applications
• Hopper filling systems
• Hopper discharge systems
• Metering systems
• Sizing systems
• Mechanical conveyor systems

Applications for the following products:
• Barks and shredded wood waste
• Various sewage sludges
• Plastics

Chemical industry
New developments frequently feature among them, but there are also volume products such as terephtalic acid, salt and soda.

Practical applications:
• Big bag filling and discharge systems
• Metering systems
• Mechanical conveyor systems
• Pneumatic conveyor systems
• Transhipment systems (from silo rail wagons and bulk road transporters to silo systems)
• Silo discharge systems

STAG SiLex mechanical silo discharge aidfor poor-flowing materials.

Applications for the following products:
• Salt
• Soda
• Terephtalic acid
• Washing powder
• etc.

Diverse fields of application in other industries
Apart from the applications above so far we have also managed and completed projects in industries that we have not listed separately.


Practical applications
To give you an even greater insight into the diversity of our activities we have listed some further projects which we have successfully implemented. These examples complement this review of our far-reaching fields of operation:
• Salt stores and municipal salt transhipment systems
• Vacuum/pressure pneumatic conveying systems to clean silo wagons
• Slag processing and transport systems for waste-to-energy power plants
• Sludge handling in water treatment plants
• Hydraulic transport and metering of glass beads
• All types of train-to-truck transhipment systems


STAG ESP ash removal system with different pneumatic conveying equipment.

STAG technologies:

• Pneumatic conveying systems
• Mechanical conveying systems
• Discharge systems for silos and hoppers
• Transhipment systems for bulk materials
• Silos for rail and road transportation
• Processing of bulk materials (crushing and grinding)
• Filling heads for small containers
• Filling heads for vehicle-mounted containers
• Sampling systems for pneumatic conveyors

STAG pressure conveying vessel for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials by dense phase system.

The STAG Turn Slide Valve MVP-I is an armature especially designed for the STAG Pressure Conveying Vessel PCV and applicable for any bulk material. It is integrated into ablank flange and forms an unit if flanged on a pressure conveying vessel. In case of need the STAG Turn Slide Valve MVP-I is provided with an additional pressure air seal.

stag_b-o_leader_11STAG’s lump breaker is a high-grade quality product, which is deployed principally in the chemical industry and in applications where the requirements for the unit are high.


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