Meet our “bulk-online Leader”: FLSmidth Inc. – Pneumatic Transport Group

FLSmidth`s Pneumatic Transport group is a worldwide leader in pneumatic bulk conveying for the process and materials handling industries. We offer innovative technology and broad experience in all aspects of material handling systems.

Since our founding as Fuller Company in 1926, our pneumatic conveying systems have moved millions of tons of dry bulk solids in numerous applications. Modern, efficient technology and proven equipment are only two of our strengths.

Fuller-Kinyon™ Dry Screw Pump
Fuller-Kinyon™ Dry Screw Pump


We excel at system design, engineering and supply of complete bulk material transfer systems.

• We can overhaul your existing material handling operation or design a new system to assure maximum productivity and return on your investment.

• Our world-class material testing facility duplicates your conveying application. Our facility is designed first and foremost as a pneumatic conveying equipment testing facility.

• We back our systems with a worldwide service organization.

• We simulate your field requirements to determine operating variables and material characteristics.

Let us put our experience to work for you.

Fly Ash Handling
Fly Ash Handling
Airslide® gravity conveying system
Airslide® gravity conveying system
Direct Pot Feeding
Direct Pot Feeding
Diverter Valve
Diverter Valve
Moeller Pump
Moeller Pump
Pneumatic Ship Unloaders



Pneumatic Conveying

Airslide Conveying System

Direct Pot Feeding

SK Diverter Valves

– Diverter/Converger Valves

– Two-way Gravity Giverter Gate

Fuller-Kinyon Dry Screw Pumps

Möller Pump

Fly Ash Handling

Tank Systems for Fly Ash

Ash Gathering Systems




FLSmidth Airlift

Pressure Vessel Systems

– Dual Tank Systems

Pneumatic Ship Unloaders

– Large Pneumatic Ship Unloaders

– Shiploaders

Ful-Vane Compressors for Digestor Gas

Ful-Vane Compressors for Landfill Gas

Vapor Recovery Units

Trademarks / Brandnames:
Airslide® Gravity Conveying Systems
Ful-Vane™ Compressors
Fuller-Kinyon® Pumps
Kompact™ Pumps
MODU-DENSE™ Dense Phase Conveying Systems
Pneu-Boost™ Conveying Boosters
SK™ Diverter Valves


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