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The BEUMER Group is an international leader in the manufacture of intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation, and distribution. With 4,000 employees worldwide, the BEUMER Group has annual sales of about EUR 700 million. With its subsidiaries and sales agencies, the BEUMER Group serves customers with high quality system solutions and an extensive customer support network around the globe, across a wide range of industries such as the food/non-food, building materials, mining, chemical, post and parcel and airport industries.

BEUMER was founded in Beckum, Germany, in 1935 as a manufacturing company for conveyor equipment. The first orders were placed by local cement, lime and mining companies. Today BEUMER Group is a truly global player serving customers all over the world.

Since its founding, BEUMER Group is a family-owned company and without being a member of a trust.

With its subsidiaries and sales agencies, the BEUMER Group is present in many industries around the world.


Product Areas:
Conveying, loading, palletizing and packaging systems, sortation and distribution systems, technical services and engineering, customer support

Target Industries:
Cement, lime, gypsum, chemical, fertilizer, mining, food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry, airports, package and parcel industry, mail order business, CEP, multimedia, distribution

BEUMER Group has been a supplier of systems and equipment for the transportation of bulk and piece goods around the world for many years. With success. Whether for the cement, lime or gypsum industries, for the chemical industry or for new markets such as the energy sector, BEUMER Group belt conveyors, conveyors for hot materials and high-capacity bucket elevators always offer the ideal solution for your specific transportation requirements. There is no form of bulk transport for which the BEUMER Group does not offer an ideal loading and unloading solution.


Long distances, extreme heights, high temperatures – the range of custom system solutions from BEUMER Group is as broad as the range of requirements in the conveying technology sector. Thanks to our vast technical expertise, we always find the right way to transport your products quickly, safely and efficiently from A to B.

• Belt conveyors as closed (tube belt conveyors or pipe conveyors) or open conveyors and in curved configurations
• High-capacity bucket elevators as belt and chain bucket elevators
• Hot material conveyors as apron conveyors with link plate chains or steel cable belts
• Charging, metering and shut-off equipment,
• Loading and unloading equipment for bulk and bag handling
• Palletizing solutions – high level or robotic palletizing
• Packaging systems
• Automatic stretch hooding systems
• Automatic shrink hooding systems
• Automatic palletless solutions
• Equipment for the loading of loose and bagged bulk materials in heavy goods vehicles, railway trucks and vessels
• Truck unloading equipment
• Automated bag loading equipment for heavy goods vehicles and containers



Conveying Technology

• Belt Conveyor

• Pipe Conveyor

• Apron Conveyor

• Bucket Elevators

• Storage / Blending Bed


Loading Technology

• Bulk Material

• Bag Loading

• Ship Loading


Palletising Technology

• High Level Palletising

• Robotic palletising


Packaging Technology

• BEUMER Stretch Hood A


• Big Bag Filling Systems

• Palletless Packaging


Logistic Systems

Your Industry

• Cement Industry

• Industrial Products & Systems

• Building Materials

• Chemical

•• Conveying Technology

•• Palletising Technology

•• Packaging Technology


Case Studies

• Conveying & Loading

•• Heidelberg Zement Group

•• Linz AG

•• Schwenk KG

• Palletising & Packaging

• Gandl


Download the newest BEUMER brochures:

• BEUMER Warehouse Control System

• Whitepaper: Two Eurosilo Concept for Handling CCR Waste to Landfills

• Whitepaper: Conveying vs. Trucking Economics For Medium Sized Applications


Die BEUMER Maschinenfabrik wurde 1935 als Maschinenfabrik am Standort Beckum für die Produktion von Förderanlagen gegründet. Erste Aufträge kamen aus der westfälischen Zement- und Kalkindustrie und vom Bergbau des Ruhrgebietes. Heute ist das Unternehmen mit einem Auslandsanteil von über 85 % für den Weltmarkt tätig.

BEUMER bietet Lösungen für Logistik, Gepäckabfertigung, Förder- und Verladetechnik sowie Palettier- und Verpackungstechnik.

Seit der Gründung ist das Unternehmen im Familienbesitz und ohne Konzernbindungen.

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Wichtige Links


• Gurtförderer

• Pipe Conveyor

• Stahlzellenförderer

• Becherwerke

• Ersatzbrennstoffe zur Ofenfeuerung

• Mischbett & Kreislager



• Schüttgut

• Sackverladung

• Schiffsbeladung


• Hoch-Palettierer

• Palettierroboter



• BEUMER Stretch Hood A

• BEUMER Fillpac

• Big-Bag Abfüllanlagen

• Palettenloses Verpacken


Logistiksysteme & Förderanlagen

Ihre Branche

• Zementindustrie


• Industrielle Produkte & Systeme

• Baustoff-Industrie

• Chemische Industrie

•• Fördertechnik

•• Palettiertechnik

•• Verpackungstechnik


Referenzen – Case Studies

• Asia Cement Group

• HeidelbergCement Group

• Linz AG

• Schwenk KG

• Vinnolit – Palettieren & Verpacken

• Gandl – Palettier-Roboter

BEUMER Broschüren zum Download

• BEUMER stretch hood A

• BEUMER Sorter BS 7 Belt Tray

• Crisplant LS-400

• Lösungen für die Zementindustrie

• Lösungen für die Baustoffindustrie

• ENEXCO Cementing Relationships through Technology

• BEUMER Chemie-Logistik


Fördern und Verladen

• Wirtschaftlicher Schüttguttransport

• BEUMER Verladetechnik

• BEUMER Gurtförderer

• Verladung von abgesackten Gütern


• BEUMER Palettiertechnik

• BEUMER Verpackungstechnik

• BEUMER Abfülltechnik




Substantial companies of the BEUMER Group

Australia: BEUMER Group Australia PTY LTD, Belrose

Austria: BEUMER Group Austria GmbH

Brazil: BEUMER Latinoamericana Equipamentos Ltda., Campinas, SP

China: BEUMER Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai

Czech Republic: BEUMER Group Czech Republic a.s.

Denmark: Crisplant a/s, Aarhus

France: BEUMER Group France Eurl

Hong Kong: BEUMER Machinery (Hong Kong) Limited

India: BEUMER Technology India Private Limited, Mumbai

Poland: BEUMER Service Sp. z o.o., Toszek

Russia: OOO BEUMER, Moscow

Thailand: BEUMER (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Bangkok

USA: BEUMER Corporation, Somerset, NJ

Representatives in more than 70 countries worldwide.

General Managers:
Dr. Christoph Beumer (Chairman)
Dr. Hermann Brunsen
Norbert Hufnagel
Dr. Detlev Rose



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