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Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

Carrier is internationally known for outstanding innovation in the field of vibratory technology. Our reputation was founded on our ability and commitment to solve the unique processing application problems of our clients.

Carrier specializes in the manufacture of vibrating conveyors, feeders, screeners, fluid bed dryers, fluid bed coolers, Tornesh dryers, flash dryers, media slurry dryers, coal dryers, aggregate and sand dryers, recycling equipment, and vibrating spiral elevators with features incorporated to screen, separate, dry, cool, blend, and perform various other processing functions.

The Carrier foundry equipment line includes fluid bed sand coolers, Delta-Phase® shakeouts, furnace and blast charge feeders, attrition mills, and heavy-duty conveyors.


Markets Served:
Carrier has developed processing equipment to meet the needs of a broad range of industries, including chemicals, synthetics, foundry, glass, food, dairy, pharmaceuticals, explosives, wood, coal, mining, metals, scrap, and recycling. We pride ourselves on our extensive customer base and our commitment to excellence.

Research & Development:
Carrier continues to bring new technology to the market, as well as new value to existing technology through its Research and Development Lab. The objective is to continue to create new or improved technology, resulting in improved processes, improved products and improved services!

One recent development was the VibraTrac™ Stroke Monitoring Sensor and APP — the easiest and simplest way to measure stroke, speed and angle. Learn more at

Laboratory Testing:
The lab serves as a technology base in which to confidentially test the feasibility of new products and processes by simulating actual operating conditions. Carrier has conducted hundreds of tests throughout our 60 years and welcome the opportunity to help solve any process challenges you may have. Learn more at

With a technology profile of over 150 patents, each application is custom tailored. Computer-assisted design and manufacturing procedures provide the background for the innovative engineering required to achieve unmatched production efficiencies.


Innovative Engineering:
In our 60-plus years in the field of vibratory technology, we have solved some seriously though application challenges. Our engineers understand that performance of each machine will be judged in terms of throughput, reliability, and efficiency. Carrier engineers come from highly regarded research universities, are professionally accredited, and possess an average of over 15 years of design experience. Let our engineering team solve your material handling problems!

Industrial Fabrication:
Carrier offers one of the most complete and experienced custom metal fabrication resources with staff, equipment, and inventory to serve a diverse need of custom fabrication needs. Carrier stocks large quantities of raw materials and utilizes the latest and best fabricating equipment. Welders are certified to A.S.M.E. and A.W.S. standards and go through a rigorous training program. Our Quality Control Procedure assures that all equipment is of the highest quality.

Corporate office has 250,000 square-foot manufacturing operation located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Carrier’s custom-engineered solutions extend to plant sites around the globe. Representative offices are located in major U.S. cities, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Korea, and Taiwan. Carrier is represented in Europe by Carrier Europe SCA, in China by Carrier Vibrating Equipment (Shanghai) Co., LTD, and by licensees in Australia, India, Japan and Sweden.



Dryer and Cooler Overview
Carrier Vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers are the perfect solution for processing fragile or temperature sensitive materials.

Conventional Fluid Bed Dryers
Carrier conventional fluid bed dryers are designed to dry and/or cool a variety of products without the aid of vibration.

Vibrating Spiral Elevators
The Carrier vibrating spiral elevator is a versatile unit for elevating small to medium size products with a compact footprint. Process capability for drying or cooling product while elevating.

Sand Dryers
Carrier vibrating fluid bed sand coolers are designed to cool hot return sand to temperature and moisture levels ideal for mulling.

Coal Dryers
Carrier vibrating fluid bed thermal dryers are typically used for coals with a larger size fraction, such as run-of-mine coal.

Aggregate and Sand Dryers/Coolers
Rising fuel costs have made fluid bed technology far less costly to operate than rotary dryers

Vibrating Feeders
Carrier vibrating feeders provide the most efficient and economical method of conveying bulk materials, with the easiest means of controlling feed rate

Vibrating Conveyors
Carrier vibrating conveyors provide an efficient and economical method of conveying or processing bulk materials, from fragile products to durable items.

Delta-Phase® Shakeouts
Our Delta-Phase shakeouts use a unique vibratory motion to separate sand from castings, allowing sand to pass through a perforated deck and castings to end discharge for further processing. Watch our video to learn more.

Barrel Horse™ Shakeouts
Unlike conventional rotary shakeouts, which lift and drop castings, the Barrel Horse shakeout allows castings to swim in the sand bed, constantly blending via vibratory motion. Watch our video to see the unit in operation.





Watch these videos to learn how we can make your work flow!

Test Lab Capabilities

Fluid Bed Dryer/Cooler System Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Fluid Bed Dryer/Cooler System

Spiral Elevators

Tornesh Dryers

Vibrating Conveyors – General

Fluid Bed Dryers/Coolers with Delta-Phase Drive®

Vibrating Fluid Beds

Barrel Horse Shakeouts

Foundry Conveyors

Delta-Phase Drive® Shakeouts

Furnace Charge Feeders

No-Bake and Flask Shakeouts

Foundry Sand Coolers


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